Discipleship Process

The Christian’s journey does not end upon the first encounter with Jesus. Here are MFGC, we will help guide you through various stages and various aspects of your walk.


New Life

New to the faith? New Life is an MFGC-adapted material with the intent of introducing you to the basics of faith and Christian ​​living.


Learn how to share Jesus to others through various evangelism methods, and heed the call to go and make disciples of all nations by learning about discipleship in a practical way that you can easily apply.

Membership 101

Membership 101 is a class where you can learn what MFGC believes in. It’s perfect for you if you are considering to make this your home church. You should already be baptized in water (or are planning to get baptized soon) and attending MFGC for at least 6 months to be able to take the Membership 101 class.

Sign-up in our online form if interested.

Operation: Solid Lives

Operation: Solid Lives is an intensive discipleship program​ aimed to give you depth in your spiritual walk. Each run lasts for 4-6 weeks.


Ministry Involvement

We love serving God and would like to help you get involved in one of our many ministries. Sign-up in our online form if interested.

Pastoral Ministry

  • Prayer Support Team – Covers the church—including the leaders, attendees, our activities—in prayer

  • Bible Study Leaders – Leads a Bible Study

  • Bible Study Hosts – Opens their house/office for a Bible Study

  • Visitation Team – Goes house-to-house to visit members, attendees and visitors

Care Circle Ministry

  • Care Circle Leaders – Leads discipleship groups (Care Circles)

  • SPM Hosts - Hosts weekly Satellite Prayer Meetings

  • SPM Sharers - Shares the Word during the Satellite Prayer Meetings

Evangelism and Missions Ministry

  • Evangelism and Missions Core Team – Conceptualizes and implements activities to reach out to people outside our church via evangelistic events or missions trips

  • Missionaries – Share the Gospel to unbelievers and empowers fellow believers in various locations here and abroad

Admin Services

  • Encoders – Help encode contents of various forms

  • Office Help – Aids in various office activities as needed (e.g. distribution of flyers, preparing handouts, sorting files, etc)

Physical Assets Ministry

  • Physical Help

Financial Assets Ministry

  • FAM Core Team – Conceptualizes and implements fundraising or income-generating ideas to help increase our church funds

Human Assets Ministry

  • HAM Core Team - Ensures volunteers are placed in their "fit" ministry, info is available on serving opportunities, and ministry equipping is done

Discipleship Ministry

  • Discipleship Operations Team – Involved in the regular operations including running classes, encoding data, facilitating sessions

Programs and Creatives

  • Program Coordination Team – Makes sure that church services and other special events are well-organized

  • Tech Team – Manages tech operations (computer, sound system) during church services and other special events

  • Décor Team – Gives a special touch to our church services and other special events via decorations, crafting of giveaways, etc

  • Multimedia Team – Creates promotional materials (graphics, videos, newsletters, etc) to make our church attendees and prospective attendees aware of what’s happening at MFGC; documents our church services and other special events via photos and videos

  • Hospitality Team – Makes sure that church attendees feel welcome and that first-time guests are treated with special care and attention

  • Registration Team – Manages our check-in booth every Sunday and special event

  • Music Ministry – Singers and instrumentalists for regular services and special numbers

  • Performing Arts Ministry – Dancers and theater performers for regular services and special numbers

Foursquare Children's Ministry

  • Toddlers Teachers

  • Toddlers Marshals

  • Toddlers Caretakers

  • Children’s Church Teachers

  • Children’s Church Marshals

  • Children’s Church Secretary

Ministry Mentoring

Be ready to take on next-level ministries, especially those that involve teaching and leadership. Get mentored by our church leaders on any ministry you're interested in.

Care Group Leader Training

Everyone can be a disciple-maker! Get specialized training on the why's, what's and how's of being a leader of a care group at MFGC.

Leadership Training

Learning never stops! We continue to equip our leaders to prepare their heart, minds, and hands for leadership.

Ministry Leadership

After training and exposure, you can be a servant-leader for your desired ministry!


Care Group Involvement

Life is indeed crazy to do it alone. What better way to go through life than with fellow Christians whom you can trust and learn from? Sign-up in our online form if you are interested to join one!

Care Circle (CC)

  • Purpose: Spiritual foundation

  • Goal: To make followers of Christ

  • Composition: 1:1 or group discipleship of new believers / those not yet grounded in basics of Christian life

  • Material covered: New Life and Multiply

  • Maximum #: 4

  • Can be of all genders / all ages

Care Circle Plus (CC+)

  • Purpose: Spiritual maturity, accountability and multiplication

  • Goal: To make followers of Christ who make followers of Christ

  • Composition: 1:1 or group discipleship of CC leaders / potential leaders / CC finishers

  • Material covered: Sunday sermon reflection

  • Maximum #: 12

  • Can be of mixed gender but of the same age

Join a care group now! Be cared for, and care for others!

Department Involvement

There's a place for you at MFGC. Visit the Departments page for more info.

Care Group Leadership

We have lots of opportunities for you to lead your own care group -- both a CC or a CC+!


Personal Evangelism

Each member is encouraged and empowered to be sent in his/her personal mission field (be it the community, home, school, office, etc) and share the Good News.

Outreach / Missions

We organize community outreach and mission trips to reach out to the world and expand God's Kingdom.

Church Planting

We birth new churches who will also KNOW, GROW, GLOW, and GO!


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